A quick introduction for "Strech" platform

It all begins with...

The need for smart data communication. The world today demands communication more than ever. There are dozens of different databases, applications, protocols, program languages with one shared character among them - the need for data.

Modern technology that creates data pipelines between data producer/source to the end consumer should have cloud-native architecture, the ability to scale in and out rapidly and to the edge, small footprint, transform the data without pre-assumptions, and with a modular approach.

How "Strech" addresses those challenges?

Different approach

Our mission is to provide you all the tools you need - infrastructure all the way to visualization so you would focus on your use-case and not on how to connect dozens of different parts like Kafka, Druid, Redis, Tableau.

Built for the applications, great for business reports too

Many different applications and core products rely on receiving constant streams of data, from various sources, with different schema, required to be analyzed before presented to the user. You can create those data streams using our platform and eliminate the hardcoded, coupled pipelines.

But "Strech" is also great for making your organization's data accessible to your analysts. Your analysts can have the ability to control the flow of data all the way from the source and not just from the final destination - Far greater agility, higher resources efficiency, lower capacity, and much faster reports.

Collect and Analyze data at the same solution

In order to build real-time applications, data cannot jump between different systems while in transit, both the collection, organization, cleaning, and analysis must be located at the same logical location due to integrity and performance issues.

"Strech" provides you the ability to establish a data pipeline for your analysis requirements at the same logical location where data is been collected and transformed - Great performance and ensure data integrity between the different stages.