04-Manage schema

You are a rockstar for reaching here!

At this stage, we will define how data should be transformed while passing through the "Strech" platform.

Let's understand the different components -

(1) Click on the button the left will open the "Data preview" panel -

That will be our very first step, to review the incoming raw data.

Data preview panel

Data shown in the "Data preview" panel is your actual data, arrived from the source in a small sample

As you can see, automatically all the source fields will be inserted into the destination schema and will be available to be chosen as output fields for operations which we will address in a moment.

For our example, let us concatenate both "first_name" and "last_name" into a new field called "full_name" by doing the following:

(2) By clicking the "+" button, let's add "full_name" field and click "Done" once finished.

Now, At the table on the left "Source Schema", Please check both "first_name" & "last_name"

(3) Please open the bottom panel "Schema manipulations".

In that panel, all our possible functions are located.

If your project requires a function we do not have at the moment, please email us: [email protected]

As the numbers suggest, please start from the left.

Functions are enabled based on the type of fields you chose, and logic.

  1. For our use case, lest choose "Concat".

  2. Next, choose a Delimiter - what will be the separator between the two fields (For example: "-", " ", "+", etc...)

  3. Into which "Destination field" should the output inserted. We choose "full_name".

Overall, it should look like this -

How to embed a field?

  1. Edit existing field to "Object" or create a new one.

  2. Add embedded field by clicking on the "+" icon next to the new field